Hey Cool

Step into the vibrant world of Hey Cool, where creativity knows no bounds, courtesy of the brilliant mind of Yvonne Huggins. Nestled in her charming studio in Bright, Yvonne is the mastermind behind a diverse range of innovative products that seamlessly blend functionality with artistic finesse.

At the heart of Hey Cool are Yvonne’s handcrafted body coolers, designed not just to beat the heat but to do so in style. Each piece is a testament to her commitment to quality and passion for creating accessories that not only cool you down but also elevate your personal flair.

Venture into the world of seasonal brooches, where Yvonne’s keen eye for detail and love for the changing seasons come to life. Each brooch shows the vibrant hues of autumn leaves and is a wearable piece of art that allows you to carry the essence of your favourite season wherever you go.

Yvonne’s artistic journey also extends to her detailed illustrations of Australian fauna. Through her skilled hand, she brings to life the rich and diverse wildlife of Australia, capturing the essence of each creature with a level of intricacy that reflects her deep appreciation for the natural world.

Whether you’re seeking a stylish solution to beat the heat, a unique accessory to complement your outfit, or a piece of art that celebrates Australia’s unique fauna, Hey Cool has it all. Yvonne Huggins invites you to embrace the fusion of functionality and artistry, making every Hey Cool product a reflection of her passion for creativity and a celebration of the beauty that surrounds us.

Yvonne Huggins



Give the gift of a lasting memory with a hand crafted brooch.

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